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Medical tourism in Bulgaria

We provided Medical assistance in Bulgaria! If you need any help to medical service please call us  +359 89 453 1553

Our team help you to  find the best service in Bulgaria!!! We have a partners: Hospital, Clinic, Laboratory and Medical transport !!!

Additional services:

We will help you prepare for your trip and organize medical transport (to and from the Sofia, Bulgaria) if required.

Arranging translation services or an interpreter for you. Our team speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian.

We will be happy to help you and your relatives find accommodation in Sofia for the duration of your treatment.

What are the most commonly used services?

• Dental treatment

• Implantology, comprehensive restoration

• Laser eye correction

• Knee joint replacement

• In vitro procedures |In vitro fertilisation (IVF)

• Cosmetic and aesthetic procedures

• Balneo tourism

• Spa and wellness packages for prevention and treatment

The hospitals, located in Sofia, Bulgaria,  includes  over 2500 medical specialists (700 of which doctors), and 750 beds. 65 VIP patient rooms are available. In our surgical clinics, all kinds of operations can be performed within the framework of health tourism.

The following hospitals are available:

  • General Hospital
  • Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital
  • Neurology-Orthopedics Hospital
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital

Bulgaria is a health and Medical destination and here you can find all the necessary medical services from highly qualified specialists from an every area. Together with our partners, we can meet all the requirements for the quality of the healthcare service!



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