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Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

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Marketing and Advertising

Our team can develop a marketing concept for your product or service.

We work with leading specialists in every area of ​​the Healthcare.

  • We can produce articles or just content for your company.
  • We organise trainings, presentations and round tables.
  • Advertising on the i-Health health platform. Advertising formats: articles with specialists.
  • Advertising in health digital channel OnHealth. Advertising formats could be videos, banners, presentations. The health channel OnHealth is located in 12 leading medical facilities throughout the country.
  • Advertising in online pharmacy website  epharma.bg

Оur trusted partners and clients are pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, specialized health venues, medical clinics, dental clinics and laboratories.

Media partners: Infodent Bulgaria dental medicine publishing house

Contacts: Svetlana Sabotinova

+359 887887888


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