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Kindergarden & Nursery packages

Kindergarden & Nursery packages

Package 1
Kindergarden / Nursery
The price is 27 BGN

  • PKK / complete blood picture/
  • ESR / erythrocyte sedimentation rate /
  • OHI / general chemical test / and SEDIMENT (URINE)
  • EXAMINATION OF INTESTINAL PARASITES (FECES) / (faecal sample + perianal impression)


Package 2
Kindergarden / Nursery (When the kid have temporary leave from the kindergarden)
The price is 17 BGN



* All tests included in the packages are performed by our partners CityLab.

Sampling instruction

*The sample of secretions from the perianal folds can be taken by perianal imprint. The manipulation is performed in the morning, on a empty stomach, and not gone to the toilet.

Clean tools and consumables are used. A transparent scotch tape with a width of up to 2 cm and a length of about 10 cm and a glass slide (purchased from the pharmacy) are required for sampling. The glutes are dissolved so that the entrance to the anus is exposed. The transparent scotch tape, with the adhesive part facing the anus, is pressed tightly on the perianal folds. The purpose is to stick the enterobiotic eggs on the scotch tape. Scotch tape – the tape is carefully peeled from the perianal area. It immediately adheres well to the slide on the same side as it was attached to the anus. The manipulator carefully washes his hands with soap and water. The slide with the sample taken by perianal impression / ie. with the scotch tape glued on it / is delivered to the laboratory immediately after the manipulation.

Additional services

Wasserman to a parent – 10 BGN

Home visit – 20 BGN

Tests results

Blood results will be ready the same day.

Microbiology and Parasitology test results will be ready within 3 working days.

To request a package, please call +359 89 453 1553 or email contact@i-health.bg

For a home visit, we need the following info: Address, phone number, Full name of the kid and parent.

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