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Denture packages

Denture packages

We offer to your attention packages of prostheses (Denture packages).

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 We work in a team with partner dental clinics and a licensed laboratory.

Quick order period for making prostheses in 5 working days with 50% advance payment.

Express order period for making prostheses in 3 working days with 100% advance payment.

For patients from abroad and outside the city of Sofia, we offer preferential prices for creation through our partners from Hotel ZOO Sofia.

Fabrication of Dentures

Package 1

650 BGN
  • Partial/Full Upper or Lower Acrylic Denture

Package 2

800 BGN
  • Partial Upper or Lower elastic (silicon) denture

Package 4

1300 BGN
  • Full Upper and Lower Acrylic Dentures
  • Production time up to 10 working days

Package 5

1500 BGN
  • Chrome Cobalt (CoCr) Partial Dentures
  • Production time up to 10 working days

Denture repairs

  • Acrylic Denture repair/Elastic Denture repair
  • Production time is 2 up to 4 working days

*All prostheses (Denture packages) produced in Dental Lab MM, with leading dental technician Marian Marinov in partnership with Dental Clinic Rumen Pernishki and Dr. Branimir Parvanov.

Hotel accommodation for the construction period at Hotel ZOO Sofia per night 105 BGN including breakfast and airport-hotel-clinic transfer 12 BGN each way.

Prices and way of payment:  For all set packages, payment is done via bank transfer or at our office: 1700, Sofia, Bulgaria, bul. Simeonovsko Shose 45.  For some complicated case and after approved treatment plan we require 50% advance payment via bank transfer.

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