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ENA First Aid

ENA First Aid


  • 21 Gen. Totleben Blvd, Pirogoc Hospital
    Ground floor, Counter 3
    Sofia, 1606
  • 1111@ena1111.bg
  • +359 88 200 1110
  • https://ena1111.bg/
  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 17:00
    Phone: 24/7


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We are a health cluster “TRANSBUL”, “ONE FIRST AID”, “TRANSDIALYSIS” and “INTER MEDICA”, in partnership with the German Red Cross and the Bulgarian Red Cross.
We have pooled our resources to offer a wide range of services, depending on the wishes and needs of our customers.
For 18 years we have proven the quality of our services and have established ourselves as the largest and highest quality patient carrier.
We operate throughout Bulgaria and abroad.
We have contracts with the leading hospitals in Bulgaria.

Our clients include ministries, agencies, hospitals, municipalities, state-owned enterprises, sports companies, NGOs, private companies, individuals and many more.
We have many years of experience in providing medical insurance with ambulances in the country and abroad.

All vehicles:

  • meet all technical requirements in accordance with regulatory and administrative acts
  • are fully equipped and specialized for the transportation and care of patients and patients
  • have registered ambulances within the meaning of the law, hold the necessary permits and are registered to transport patients


  • Specialized Medical Transport
  • Urgent Care and Home Visits
  • Medical Provision of Events
  • Transportation of Patients on Dialysis Treatment
  • Transportation of Chronically Ill and Elderly People
  • Transportation of Blood, Plasma, and Others


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