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i-Health would like to share а new partnership with VD Dent Dental Clinic for the development of the dental tourism in Bulgaria.
The demand for dental services in Bulgaria by foreigners and Bulgarians living abroad is growing every year, therefore, to satisfy the constantly increasing number of patients’ inquiries, addressed to to our health platform, we are gradually expanding the partner network of renowned dental clinics.
The new partnership between UMBAL "St. Ivan Rilski" and i-Health platform was launched, thanks to the combination of excellently trained specialists, many of whom are pioneers in your field, the availability of the latest generation of medical equipment, allows to carry out medical activities of extreme complexity, and very good conditions for patients in the medical facility. This is part of the high requirements that the platform for medical tourism in Bulgaria i-Health must strictly meet in order to present a given hospital or clinic to the patients it works with now.
We provided Medical assistance in Bulgaria! We have a partners: Hospital, Clinic, Laboratory and Medical transport! If you need any help to medical service please call us  +359 89 453 1553. Bulgaria is a health and Medical destination and here you can find all the necessary medical services from highly qualified specialists from an every area. Together with our partners, we can meet all the requirements for the quality of the healthcare service!
Dear all, the i-Health health platform has turned 4 years old. Despite our infancy, we managed to create fruitful collaborations with leading medical institutions, clinics, laboratories, doctors, private ambulances ENA and online pharmacies in Bulgaria. We have also implemented successful partnerships with leading clinics in Turkey and Spain.
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