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Medical centre Oxylife is now one of the trusted partners of i-Health

Medical centre “Oxylife” is now one of the trusted partners of i-Health. The platform is a navigator in the digital world of healthcare. It was created to help patients and their families and brings together selected medical facilities and laboratories to provide Bulgarian and foreign patients with access to quality health services. The platform’s main services are Medical Tourism and Personal Health Assistant.

Through i-Health, patients from Bulgaria and abroad can easily, quickly and conveniently receive information about medical assistance and health services tailored to individual needs and requirements.

The specialization and focus of MC “Oxylife” is outpatient therapy and recovery, prevention, corporate health, sports health and performance, reproductive health, medical tourism, treatment of specific diseases, all in the context of regenerative high-tech medicine, treatment at the cellular level, rejuvenation and longevity. The center has one of the most modern barocameras, thanks to which it offers a comfortable course of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) procedures.

Recognizing common goals for quality health service and establishing Bulgaria as a health destination, we started this partnership.

Stay tuned for our joint offers on prevention and post-operative recovery health packages.

The team of i-Health and MC “Oxylife” are waiting for you!

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