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Personalized prevention programs for you and your family

Acibadem CityClinic Prevention Programs

Minimize the risk of disease through our personalized prevention programs in Acibadem CityClinic Mladost.

Even if you feel well and think that it is not necessary to visit a doctor, there are various risks for your and your loved ones’ health. Your daily habits or family burden (for example, family members that suffer from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.) play a key role to what health risks you face. That is why it is highly advisable to have regular check-ups, which are vital for the early diagnosis of every disease.

Our prevention programs include:

  • Examinations by an experienced team of medical professionals
  • Modern equipment that guarantees accurate results
  • The results of the examinations are discussed with our specialists in detail
  • An Interpreter provided for international patients
  • An employee accompanying the patients throughout the process

After completing your screening, the results of all your examinations and tests will be discussed on site by a specialist doctor, who will give you details on a prevention program in order to maintain good health.

Advantages for you:

  • Organizing examinations at a time that is convenient for you
  • Individual approach and adaptation according to your personal needs and health status
  • Personal assistant to take care of the overall organization
  • Doctor engaged with your initial assessment of your condition and the final medical conclusion after the prophylaxis
  • Separate area with comfortable living conditions, separate access and privacy

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